Cursus Ubeat Academy

Cursus Ubeat Academy

In ten lessons of 3 hours weekly, we will enhance your skillset. Regardless of your skill level, you'll be able to present your sounds and productions and get direct feedback on your tracks.

For example:

How can I maintain the attention of my audience and  (future) fans once they hear my sound. Why does appears to sound different when I'm tired?

Learn new techniques and/or work within uBeat on your own tracks. You'll learn how to determine what relevant choices to make in order to achieve the best musical and creative results.

Cursus Ubeat academy vs. Ubeat online

There's a lot of information available online and it will get you to a certain point. But you have decided that you want to take things more serious and really delve into that deeper layer. We feel that it's important  that there's a place where you can have direct face to face contact in order to further develop your creativity.

The Ubeat curriculum is the advanced version of the Ubeat online video's which you can find here on the Ubeat website. During the Ubeat coarse we will adres topics like why certain choices are the right ones. Or the worst. Why does something sound the way it does and when do you need what sound?

Build the community and build your network

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Energiehuis, Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht


thursday (evening) 5 November
friday (evening) 6 November
saturday (afternoon) 7 November

Amount of lessons: 10 lessons of 3 HOURS

Time: 19:00 till 22:00 (evenings) 13:00 till 16:00 afternoons

Pricing: €1499,-

Produceer en laat je track beoordelen

Maandelijks is er de Beat Break Down sessie. In een bepaalde tijd maak je met geluidsfragmenten (die wij online beschikbaar stellen) een productie. Je track wordt vervolgens beoordeeld door industry professionals. Heb je de beste track? Dan win je een prijs.