Battle of the Ubeats

Are you a producer and would you like to show your talent? Then compete during the Battle of the Ubeats and have a chance to win great prizes.

Ubeat Academy is organizing a talent show for producers together with Popcentrale. With Battle of the Ubeats we challenge you to make beats in a short time with samples that you receive from us on the spot. You will be coached and assessed by a professional jury and you can win cool prizes.


This event is being rescheduled, as soon as we have the new dates we will mention that below

  • (Date t.b.a.) Preliminary round 1 Popcentrale 14:00 - 18:00
  • (Date t.b.a.) Preliminary round 2 Popcentrale 14:00 - 18:00
  • (Date t.b.a.) Final Popcentrale 14:00 - 18:00
  • Extra: May 21, 2022: Demo feedback @ Ubeat Playground, Bibelot

Prize Package

  • A masterclass by Lucien Foort worth €500
  • Studio time in the Popcentrale
  • Performing at a Ubeat event
  • Participation in a musical exchange with Varna, Bulgaria (Stedenband Dordrecht)

Sign up

Pre-registration is required. The requirements are as follows:

  • You must be able to handle a DAW
  • You have your own laptop to produce on
  • You must be available at all data
  • You've signed up via

What do the rounds look like?

(Date t.b.a.) - Preliminary round 1

In the first heat we focus on the content of your beat and how well it is put together. You have 60 minutes to put together a beat with the samples you receive from the jury. So make sure you bring a laptop! After the hour, these beats are assessed and a selection is made.

(Date t.b.a.) - Preliminary round 2

During the second heat we will explicitly look at the sound design of your beat. Once again you will receive material from the jury that you can use for 60 minutes. Even now it is important that you take your laptop with you! After the hour, these beats will be judged and you will hear if you can go to the final.

(Date t.b.a.) - Final

The final battle! During the final you make a beat again in 60 minutes with material from the jury. Will you take on this ultimate battle?

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Popcentrale Dordrecht
3 x 1 middag