Ubeat Playground: Eye on Sound Design

Are you an artist and do you want to develop further? Join the next Ubeat Playground on Saturday, May 21, 2022 and join the Ubeat community!

▶ What is Ubeat Playground?

Ubeat Playground is a playground for you as an artist! You already have more questions than you have answers. That is why it is more fun to share your passion with other artists. Mind you, it's not important what kind of music, more important is that you feed your creativity. During this event you can develop yourself in this.

As an aspiring music producer, sooner or later you will run into choosing sounds. The easy way is to get them from a sample pack, but if you've been around for a while you know that this is no plaster on a good production. So you run into the fact that you have to be able to design your own sounds yourself. This process is important but also very complex. This is because there are many roads to Rome and there is not one specific standard that leads to success. When is a sound good enough?

▶ Program

14:00 Focus: Sound Force (The Power of Sounds)

15:00 Workshop Sound Design

16:00 Show and Tell: Feedback on your Sound Design

17:00 Panel: Industry Talk

🎵 Feedback sessions are a regular part of UPG: take your track with you and receive feedback from industry professionals.

🎵 Whether you like trap, hip-hop, pop or techno. Whether you play drums, piano, trumpet or guitar, at the Ubeat Playground you will always find something or someone that matches your musicality.

Let's go!

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Saturday 21 May Analogue Sessions, Bibelot

After the event in the afternoon, you dive deep with Analogue Sessions. The club experience of everything you learned that afternoon. With this edition a huge line-up with Analog Kitchen (Live), KRY (Vinyl), Luctae (live) and TADP (live).

> Order your tickets via Bibelot

€ 15,00
Bibelot, Dordrecht
1 afternoon