Producer : The Complete Suite

Producer Suite : The Full Edition

€ 59,99

1. How To Make Your Kick A Winner

problem: How to fix dull & soggy kick drums

part 1: How 2 EQ A Kick
part 2: How To Compress A Kick
part 3: Tweaking A Kick In The Mix
bonus: How To Use Reference Mixes

2. Getting Crisp Top Loops That Work

problem: how to fit & fix the perfect toploop in your mix

part 1 Saturation & Transient Shaping
part 2 EQ the right frequencies
part 3 Invisible Sidechain Compression

3. Compression & The Dynamic Range

part 1. VCA Compression
part 2. FET Compression
part 3. Valve/Tube Compression
part 4. Optical Compression

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